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Established in 2007, DuctworX is the MPM Group’s modern duct and sheet metal fabrication facility with a manufacturing capacity of $4M of duct per annum and a workshop facility that covers 2000 square metres.

Rapid manufacture and deployment of duct is facilitated by the internal ownership of the factory.  DuctworX is able to prioritise duct in immediate response to client requirements.

DuctworX employs qualified, experienced staff to manufacture high quality sheet metal products.

DuctworX stringent quality regimes ensure duct and sheet metal production meets the highest quality standards.

Latest Technology

DuctworX is equipped with a state of the art fabrication plant including plasma cutters, coil lines and high pressure water cutting machinery, integrated with fully automated manufacturing software.

Approved construction drawings are directly uploaded to the Vulcan control and fabrication module using the Camduct software protocol. Cadduct files are transferred to the fabrication systems, where the software extracts the spatial parameters of the drawing and transposes them into Vulcan fabrication language.

The Vulcan software initiates production by commanding the coil line, plasma cutter and waterjet and “nests” the data within the sheet metal and insulation to minimise waste and maximise production efficiency and together with the use of DuctworX’s unique barcode tracking system, every item to be manufactured is barcoded, scanned and checked through the various stages of the production process.


DuctworX have been involved in numerous projects, bridging most construction industry sectors.

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Arctick Authorisation Number
WA Electrical Contractors License Number: EC011858
QLD Electrical Contractor Licence: 83717
QBCC Trade Contractors Licence: 15080571